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Wireless Speakers

Cambridge Audio Minx Go VS Sonos Play 1

For my first blog I have decided to look at wireless speakers. I like the idea of being able to move a speaker around rooms as I choose and they are excellent for late at night when my main system seems to upset the neighbours. I have just returned from Richer Sounds where I have trialed both speakers.

In brief the Cambridge Audio Minx Go is a Bluetooth speaker measuring 237Wx123Hx60D(mm), it houses 2 x 50mm woofers, 2 x 19mm titanium tweeters and 1 x rear bass radiator. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a 3.5mm aux input and USB charging port. It retails for £99.95. (Cambridge Audio 2013)

The Sonos Play 1 is a wireless speaker measuring 120Wx162Hx120D(mm), it houses a 3.5” mid-woofer and 1 tweeter. (Sonos 2013) It requires mains power and the Sonos app on your device to operate. It retails at £169.99.

There a many different aspects for me to consider when choosing a wireless speaker, I want it to look good, sound good, be easy to use, be reliable and give me value for money.

Although maybe not as ‘warm’ to listen to as the Play 1, the Minx GO still offers really good sound quality and with its twin woofers and rear bass radiator it is more suited to synth based electronic music which is what I tend to listen to more, especially at night. The Play 1 is striking to look at, it’s curved edges and metal grill give it an industrial yet stylish exterior, the Go is more traditional sound bar looking and its grey and white colour scheme match the walls of my flat! The Go has a lithium battery that promises up to 18 hours playback from a single charge apposed to the Play 1 which has to be plugged in to operate, making it not wireless in one sense. One of its selling points is that it is humidity resistant (Sonos 2013) so you can use it in your bathroom, my bathroom does not have any plug sockets in it, not many bathrooms do to my knowledge? The need to be hard wired also restricts the Play 1 from being used outdoors. Although I like the idea of the Sonos connecting to my wifi network and being able to stream media from any device also connected to the same network, with the likes of iTunes match, Spotify and Soundcloud, most of my listening is networked to my device and can be transmitted via Bluetooth to the Go from there. I also like the idea of visitors being able to connect their devices, either through Bluetooth or using the aux input on the Go to be able to share their music. Considering all these points and that the Go is £70 cheaper than the Play 1, I have decided it is the best option for my needs and I will be taking delivery on Wednesday., 2013. Play 1. Sonos. Available from: [Accessed 20 October 2013].

Cambridge Audio, 2013. Minx Go Bluetooth speaker. Cambridge Audio. Available from: [Accessed 20 October 2013].


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