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R e c o r d i n g s  +  S o u n d  D e s i g n

This is a Christmas recording I took of a local schools Christmas Concert rehearsal in the Priory Church, Christchurch. Multiple mic techniques were used including a blumlein array, a spaced pair, an xy pair and a room mic. I mixed it in Protools. No EQ or processing is applied. Merry Christmas! 

Another recording from the same session... I won't upload them all... Don't want Christmas overload! 

Im still so impressed with the standard of the students performance considering they are 12 -16 year olds. It was an honour to be allowed to record in such an incredible space. 

'Birds' - For a Synthesis and Effects unit I was required to create 2 productions consisting of completely original sound design, no presets aloud. This first piece is created using various software synthesizers from the Native Instruments Komplete Collection, including a Reactor Synthesizer that I designed and programed myself. The lead melody patch is taken from a field recording I took on Bournemouth Pier, it is the sound of a seagull that I have manipulated using Absynth 5.  

'Synthesis' - Whilst looking for inspiration for my second piece I watched a video of my lecturer describing a process he uses for sound design. Uninspired, I instead chose to sample his voice from the intro of the video and use it as the basis for 95% of the sound design in my 2nd piece; the majority of the musical parts and all of the percussion (excluding the kick) are made from the beginning sample of his voice. Ive never had feedback, I hope he saw the funny side of it. 

'Escape' - I composed this short production to accompany an advert for celebrity desert island get-aways. The aim was to create an image, through audio, of escaping the hassles of celebrity life and retreating to a tropical rain forest covered island - You be the judge.   

'Ensemble' - I composed an ensemble for a full orchestra. The aim was to create a tense film score to be used for a short film.

Not being a classically trained musician this was a very challenging task for me but I really enjoyed it.  

This is a recording for my Studio Techniques level C unit. We were required to record a selection of instruments, choose appropriate microphones and use our choice of microphone placement and environments to capture the best audio quality possible. No EQ, internal or external processing is applied, what you are hearing is a live multitrack session recorded in Absolute Music Studios, my home studio and a friends kitchen. 

This is a track I made 5 years ago! Can't imagine why this one never got picked up! 

Another one from the vaults... Made after a night out if the name is anything to go by!

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