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Bournemouth DJ Academy


In 2010 I created Bournemouth DJ Academy. As a bedroom DJ myself I remember the satisfaction I gained and ability I discovered of losing myself locked away in my teenage bedroom mixing records. Through hard times in my life, the one time I could switch off from all other problems and just embrace what I was doing was when mixing records. I wanted to pass this on to future generations, so Bournemouth DJ Academy was born.


The courses operate in local schools and revolve around a 10 - 30 week curriculum intended to give the students all the skills and knowledge they will need to become a successful DJ. Students learn on a variety of equipment, platforms and formats, and experience working with many different genres of music.


Edexel exam board now allows students to perform a DJ set as their GCSE performance piece. Many past students have gained grade A* results with several going on to DJ professionally locally and abroad.


For more information please visit or contact me through this site directly.  

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